Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blow me down

Well, I've had a bit of an ongoing problem with my broadband of late. Namely, I've had issues that relate to my aerial not working smoothing sometimes. There's two things I want to post about here:

1 - the issue is not one of incompetence, it's just one of those things that happen, because of where I live

2 - Telstra have been SUPER helpful, I've spoken to locally based tech people who know what they're doing and can give me real advice, and they've pursued me to make sure that everything is working OK.

I also read in the paper that the new CEO has been looking to make the organisation more customer focused, and I also got a letter recently telling me they've made it easier to make a complaint if you need to. I'm a long way from loving Telstra ( they've caused me too much grief for me to forget it overnight ), but I definitely feel like I can see a difference and that things are headed in a much better direction. For the first time, when people call and say 'thanks for using Telstra', I don't think 'I wouldn't if I didn't have to'. If I had an option to change my internet provider, I wouldn't do it without careful consideration, at this point.