Friday, March 26, 2010

The Broken Modem Part 2

When I called Sierra Wireless, they said they would send me a bag to return the modem in. That was two weeks ago, so I called and was told it had been sent but they would resend another. A few moments later they called back to say that it had been decided that the breakage was my fault ( I can see why they would presume that, although it's not true, if all their modems break the way that mine did, then they are cheaply made rubbish and no-one should ever consider plugging an aerial in to one ), and they simply did not send the bag, without bothering to contact me. They are calling me on Monday, a manager will speak to me as I complained about their decision to just not tell me what was going on. I am deeply unhappy at the idea that I may have to pay to repair a poorly constructed and badly designed device, but if it costs $200 to repair and $400 to replace, I'm obviously going to have to live with it. I just don't see why they wouldn't even look at it or give me the option. Apparently they felt the same way, the woman did call me right back, so I assume they expect a higher standard of service from their staff than what I recieved. I just wonder why I am such a magnet for bad service. I'm polite on the phone, my requests are not unreasonable. What do I have to do ?

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