Friday, March 19, 2010

The Wireless Modem Part 3

I've broken this up because the emails are so long. Here's the final email I got from Jade:

Hi Christian,

As I explained to you in my previous email my staff have not lied to you. The Prepaid Device you originally came in to purchase would be grossly inadequate for the purposes stated which is why my staff steered you away from this option. Jed did not tell you that it would upload in 15-45 minutes and I am unsure where this information came from but I am sure that it was not him because he is aware after 4 years in the Telco industry and dealing with BP and Mobile internet that you cannot make promises based on estimated speeds and does not make assurances such as this. I have taken all the information provided by yourself and my staff and will be standing by the decision that I have made foro the reasons stated in my previous email. You stated in your first email that "Based on this news, and on the fact that I didn't want to spend more than I had to, I decided to upgrade my existing BigPond account to the faster modem" taking this into account if you made the decision to do this then I cannot hold the staff responsible after they suggested another option for you which they believed to be the best way of handling your situation even though it is not the cheapest taking all factors and information provided to them into account this is what they suggested for you but you decided to go the other way. I Strongly suggest contacting bigpond as previously communicated to you as there may be something that they can do that will rectify your situation they are very helpful and have a lot more resources availble to them in regards to Wireless Broadband than ourselves at store level. If then you still have no satisfaction then of course take matters further if need be.



My final response to her:

Hi Jade

I'm sorry, but I was told by your staff that it was Jed who spoke to me. I don't recall who it was. I DO know that the person I spoke to EXPLICITLY stated that it would take 15-45 minutes. I asked again and was told again. Being an experienced IT worker, if I'd been told 15 min, I'd have asked about it, but I assumed that 15-45 min was a range to allow for network conditions. As for steering me to another option, that is also not true. They presented two options, and I made my decision, again based entirely on the fact that if I could upload 2 GB in 15-45 minutes, it seemed wiser to spend the money on the device which would let me do that consistently, with the account I am already tied to. I did not realise at the time how close I was to my monthly limit, something I realise is my fault, and that's why I had to go on to buy a prepaid device ( although, as I said, and as you've never addressed, I was also told rates that were wrong on that device, and sold a device that I've since been told is not a prepaid device at all, with the wrong software so I cannot recharge it ). They gave me next to no advice beyond answering my questions, and certainly did not suggest that any of my options would perform better for me, or suit me better.

As you have no intention of helping me and continue to call me a liar, I will indeed take this further. As I stated to you earlier today, the Sale of Goods Act allows for goods that do not perform as promised. I am a computer programmer. I know more about computers than any of your staff, and I certainly know a lot more than any Bigpond help staff, who are uniformly useless. I was in the city, because that's where Jed assured me I could count on getting that speed. Nothing anyone can say to me now can change that I had a specific need at a specific time, was made specific promises, and they were lies.

I've had years of this sort of abuse and lies from Telstra. I've finally decided to do something about it. Could you please send me a photo of you in your work uniform for my blog ?


As you may have noticed, she never replied, and I do not have a photo to show you. However, I can offer this artists impression based on the mental image formed by our dealings as documented here.

To recap, the staff at the local Telstra store lied to me, lied to cover up their actions, and the manager basically called me a liar, repeatedly. Makes me wish I had some Telstra shares, really....

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