Monday, March 8, 2010

Broken Promises

For the record, I called Telstra 5 min before close of business because Nathalie did not return my call, as she had firmly promised to do. I spoke to Shirley. She is going to resolve my underlying issue ( I won't go in to detail so as not to get ahead of myself, as I've not written about this incident yet ). She's also going to get a tech to call me tomorrow, instead of my having to wait at least two more days, according to their usual timeline. So, with luck, I'll have my main internet connection back tomorrow, instead of having to use the kids computer to get online.

She also promised to call me tomorrow, because I need to send her a receipt to finalise the main transaction, which means she's essentially made the exact same promise that Nathalie did, but she was pretty adamant that she would call, knowing that I'd already been let down in this regard, today.

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